As part of the PEACE IV programmes FourGears has completed various projects on behalf of Copius Consulting.  Copius have been consistently at the forefront of their sector and we have been delighted to help by providing extensive videography across all aspects of their business for the last two years.  Working closely with them in managing all of their digital marketing efforts has been a blast!!


Various video project have taken place across Northern Ireland requiring varying shoots from half day projects, to interviews, animation, logo reveals, treks in the woods and much more. Below is a showcase of some of the vast collection of work we have completed


Due to the often complex projects undertaken by Copius advertising their Product/Service offered alot of challenges.

In order to keep focus on the key aspects of the Copius service all posting was backed by web and video advertising as well as information booklets and other items designed to build brand awareness.

Series 1 Focused on sending out an inspiring message designed to up motivation for anybody put off by the complexity of  government project

Series 2 Zoned in on the Copius service designed to show that regardless of the complexity Copius has industry experts on hand to assist and consult with on all prospective projects   

A number of corresponding items where created for Copius, below is a small selection

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