3 Ways to keep your customers engaged during the #lockdown

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In response to the current lockdown and its effects on many businesses throughout the world we thought it would be helpful to give some advice on how businesses can keep their customers engaged during the global shutdown.

As this situation may remain ongoing for the coming months, it is important to develop strategies to allow businesses to continue to provide their services and communicate with their audience effectively, maintaining relationships and creating new opportunities for growth.


In such an uncertain time it is important that you don’t fall into complete radio silence. Posting regular updates on your social channels, mailing list and website will ensure your customers know exactly where you stand and whether you will be continuing to provide products or services over this period. If your business has needed to completely close due to the crisis it is still vital to remain consistent with your updates, keeping your customers informed will maintain the relationships you have built and will make the transition back to business as normal that bit smoother. (Make sure to pay attention to government and media updates on the situation, don’t be left in the dark or making statements that may not be accurate.)


Don’t let the situation kill your content! Maintain your social media channels and website, keep the conversation going with customers. If your business is closed, a simple idea for content would be to reflect on previous clients, projects and events. Telling the story of where you were, what you did and who you did it for will give you content not just for social but will also be the perfect thing to show new clients when it comes to future consultations. This will not just engage with your audience but will also help to re-establish a connection with the client you did the work for.


Reach out to your audience across social media channels,website and mailing list. Start a conversation, discuss their favourite things about your product or service, find out what it is that makes them choose you or a competitor. This is an easy step on the road to creating an active community of followers who will actually engage with your content. It is important to think of this interaction not just as a way to keep your audience engaged but instead as an invaluable market research tool, giving you a deeper insight into the mind of your customer, better understanding their needs and allowing you to identify behavioural trends as well as areas in need of improvement.

Remember during these uncertain and difficult times keeping engaged with your customers and clients is key!!

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