The Executive Office (TEO)  - P.A.C.T Project with Cliftonville FC & Crusaders FC

Client brief 



  • 10 minute Documentary style video

  • 3 minute video

  • Event photography 

  • Social media content



Funded by the executive office this projects main focus was to dissolve the borders between two rival football clubs from each end of the religious divide that sweeps across northern ireland and improve cooperation between both clubs. The project consisted of multiple cross club workshops, fan engagement events and mini tournaments featuring guest coaches and players who have went on to play professionally within the sport. We were tasked with creating a short film tracking the progress of the project consisting of a combination event coverage and interviews as well as adapting and breaking down this content to be used on across social media. In terms of visual style we decided that using both teams colour would work well throughout the project as this colour as well as a love for the sport really shows a clear example of the similarities of the clubs and players which is the entire goal of the project, showing them that although they may come from a different religious or geographical backgrounds, they are united by a love for football at its core.

post 1.png

The lower thirds design is simple and designed with the teams colours in mind, to contrast with the simplistic style of the lower thirds a more complex motion graphic reveal creates a nice dynamic, this same electricity reveal is used within the video intro, displaying both teams crests.

post 2.png

A major factor to be consider when planning the project was how to use the content collected to create a range of various social media posts and website entries. Using a combination of photography and cinematography we then spit the content up into smaller more easily digestible pieces of information that could be shared on social media with the intention of leading the viewer to final product on the website. Below we have provided examples of how these posts were made and how they would be viewed from the consumers perspective on a variety of devices.

post 6.jpg
post 4.jpg
post 5.jpg
post 7.jpg
post 3.jpg

The P.A.C.T project was a fantastic initiative to be a part off and everyone on our team really enjoyed the days we spent working with both Cliftonville and Crusaders football club. This kind of cross community project is something that is essential in building a better more inclusive future for both sides of the religious divide here in Northern Ireland. The feedback we have received regarding the project has been excellent so far with all involved deeming the final film an overwhelming success among coaches, players and fans alike. We look forward to working with the executive office and both clubs again in the future.

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